Global eMail Fraud - Solution Starts in Nevada.             This eMail Service will CONNECT and PROTECT the more than 3 million Nevadans ... an initiative in our hometown Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.                      

It is the Mission of NV.eMail to Connect and Protect all the Nevadans globally by providing, safe and reliable eMail Service that is the first-in-the-world and will cut the US$ 600 billion annual losses through world-wide Cybercrime in 2018, and rocketed to more than US$ 1 trillion in 2022 based on studies of McAfee. This is not open to the global public and will have the following main features:

1. Domain Name Security (RealName@City.NV.eMail)
2. Identity Validation (Only for Nevadans)
3. Data Privacy Compliant (Never Shared)
4. Data Encryption (SSL+)
5. Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, Anti-Fraud (Always Updated)
6. Physical Email Servers Security
7. Redundant Fail-Safe eMail Servers (Mirroring)
8. Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and AWS Cloud (Friendly)

Please contact us at Info@NV.eMail if you have any inquiry.